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tonicbyt is your platform to build and achieve your health & fitness goals through personalized movement. Using Yoga and Pilates principles, our teachers guide women through a one-on-one dynamic practice designed to fit in your routine as well as the challenge and nourish your body.

With personalized attention and supportive community, you will experience the full benefits of the movement in a unique and intimate setting.

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Takshi's 45-minute yoga class aims to connect mind and body through a vinyasa flow, improving strength, balance, posture, and breathing. The ultimate goal is to achieve steadiness in your asanas and comfortable breathing. Don't worry about flexibility - give it a try and you might love it!


If you like the idea of meditation, but feel that you don’t have enough time this is the class for you. This class is a true investment in yourself. Taking just 30 min to clear your mind just using your breath will make the rest of your day more productive. Improved concentration, being less bothered by little things and an overall better breathing pattern are only a few of the many benefits that meditation can have on your body. Let me guide you to your inner self and have a deeper understanding of your purpose.


Our most popular class of the year. Conscious movement is the core foundation of this class. It targets & tremendously strengthens your core & glute muscles with low impact movements. The classes are designed to be integrated into any lifestyle or age. Give it a try to feel the difference yourself.


A class that combines strength & cardio excercises with minimal weights and a lot of sweat. With just as little as 45 min you can squeeze in a full body workout when your body is craving it. This class is fast paced and promises to add tht extra burn to your busy day.

Takshi Sachdeva

Our Founder - Takshi

An Indian Canada based yoga instructor and an engineer, Takshi is dedicated to helping young women manage their fitness routine and prioritize their health and nutrition.

Takshi’s goal is to motivate women to incorporate sustainable movement in their busy lives that give them long term results. Her intention is to lead the young professional women community in developing a transformative fitness routine that serves the mind, body and provides a well balanced life. 

Takshi wants to help other young women, like herself, to “find the time to find yourself

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